“Non c’è cuore di onesto Italiano, che non batta più forte al nome di Custoza”

(The hearts of all honest Italians beat faster if Custoza is named). These are the first words written by the promoting committee of the Ossuary of Custoza, born in August 1875.

The committee was attended by many of the most important personalities of the time: Giulio Camuzzoni mayor of Verona, Angelo Messedaglia the intellectual and future senator, Count Carlo Gazola and Aleardo Aleardi poet and senator. The national fundraising exceeded expectations by raising more than 100,000 lire (about 375,000 euros). The executive committee received eighty-two projects and two were selected because they met the style and economic criteria. Giacomo Franco’s project eventually won over Domenico Marri’s one.


Ranked Project

  • Architect Giacomo Franco



Ranked Project

  • Architect Domenico Marri