On the hill Belvedere stands the majestic ossuary of Custoza. With its almost 40 meters high, shows throughout the district its strength and its meaning.

Erected in 1879 at the behest of Don Gaetano Pivatelli, keeps the remains of the fallen of the First and Third Italian War of Independence (in 1848 and 1866 respectively).

The monument, designed by James Franco, has a base of about 10 meters width from the octagonal shape with four major steps, from which rises the obelisk itself, about 17 meters high and consists of tufa stone of the mountain Ongarine.




The chapel:


The chapel, located on the ground floor in the central part, is the first that stand in our path, with a ceiling painted cruised.

“A ladder, placed behind the altar, leads to the crypt below, and the lodge which houses a small museum.”


The crypt:


The crypt, which contains the remains of fighters, made exhume by Charles Gazola.

In the room that revolves around the crypt and in the center, are preserved and stacked human bones and skulls of Italian, Austrians and Hungarians soldiers of 1894.



The gallery:


The gallery, which is reached through a sixty steps, shows a fantastic 360 ° view on the quadrangle.

To the south-east of the balcony you can visit the small museum that contains some remainings of Villa Rey and a number of items and weapons in common use at that time by the soldiers.