The promotion of  the Ossuary of Custoza

The Ossuary should be a universal symbol of peace between human beings

Our goal is to promote

  • Custoza as a land of peace;
  • Don Gaetano Pivatelli (parish priest of Custoza) the first promoter of the construction of the monument;
  • The monument as one of the first projects shared between the Habsburg Empire and the Kingdom of Italy;
  • The Ossuary of Custoza as the first European monument forerunner of the European Union;
  • The leading role of Veronese society and politics in all phases of the process that led to the construction of the monument (the newspaper “L’Arena”, the presence in the Committee for the construction of the Ossuary of Custoza of personalities such as Aleardo Aleardi, Giulio Camuzzoni, Angelo Messedaglia
  • All places linked to the Risorgimento even beyond the municipal boundaries.



Description of the action and objectives:

Collaboration across the board with the province of Verona (the owner of the property) for the enhancement of the monument through various actions:

  • Arrive to a definition of convection for the management of the property by the City of Sommacampagna as implementation of the principle of vertical subsidiarity which states that the administrative activities should be managed by government closer to the people governed.
  • Installation and maintenance of an internet connection at the monumental site for information retrieval
  • Continuative Inserting of the Ossuary and the territory of the moraine hills in the activities of the province as “Treasures Veronesi”.

In particular, the agreement must provide for the following expenses and commitments from the Province:

a) Extraordinary maintenance.

b) Joint promotion of the image of the ossuary within its communication plan.

c) Promotion of initiatives involving cultural-historical-tourist routes of the City regarding the Ossuary.

d) Award to the City of an annual contribution to the management of the monument.

e) A commitment by the province to encourage visits/tours of all provincial schools at the monument recalling its value and the active participation of the whole society from Verona to its construction.


1) The management of the Ossuary and the promotion of its image historical-touristic-cultural through the planning and promotion of cultural, educational and tourism connected to it and the activation of an efficient museum with the dissemination of information material related to the Ossuary, and the historical events related to the pathways in which they can be inserted.

2) The assignment of operational management through self-employees and agreements with associations, cooperatives in the area and/or the possible formation of a committee for managing the ossuary coordinated by the municipality itself, in agreement with the Province of Verona to allow an adequate public opening of the structure and organization of guided tours.

3) The assumption of costs of maintenance, cleaning grass cutting, park maintenance, maintenance of decorum for both the monument to the attached keeper’s house and the cost of utilities.