Third Independence War – 1866


« It’s not possible deny the enemy the testimony of having fought with tenacity and value. His early attacks were especially vigorous, and the officers, rushing forward, gave the example. »

Fought between 24th and 25th June 1866 during the Third Italian War of Independence, between the troops of the Kingdom of Italy led by Alfonso La Marmora, and those of the Austrian Empire commanded by the Archduke Albert of Habsburg, the battle of Custoza took to the unification Vittorio Veneto to the Reign of Italy.

After the attack of Prussia to Austria in June 15, 1866, as expected in the Italo-Prussian treaty of alliance in April, 1866, Italy declared war on Austria. However, past the border, part of the Italian army was defeated at the Battle of Custoza.

This failure was not balanced by subsequent events, because the victories of Giuseppe Garibaldi in Tirol Italy were followed by another defeat in the naval battle of Lissa.

Nevertheless, thanks to the agreements reached earlier, the victory of Prussia on the northern front and the diplomatic intervention of France, at the end of the war, Austria had to cede Venetia, which was acquired by Italy. In contrast, Italy failed to annex territories in the southern Tyrol, although conquered militarily.