First Indipendence War – 1848

The Battle of Custoza – July 22, 1848


Fought between 22 and 27 July 1848, during the first war of Italian independence, between the troops of the Kingdom of Sardinia led by King Carlo Alberto of Savoy and the Austrian Empire, commanded by Marshal Josef Radetzky, the battle of Custoza had important implications on the policy of the House of Savoy.

From Piedmont to the fortresses of the Quadrilateral, the army of the Kingdom of Sardinia had had to stop in front of Verona (Battle of Saint Lucia) for the strong resistance met. They had parried the blow of a large furling from the south of Austria (Battle of Goito), was able to win after a siege of Peschiera del Garda, and started the blockade of Mantova.

Around July 20, 1848, however, the front, due to a number of initiatives in Piedmont, had lengthened (from Rivoli to Governoolo) for 70 km. Radetzky, reorganized and reinforced his army, was preparing for the great counteroffensive that would have rejected Carlo Alberto in Milan. It was a decisive event since determined the retreat of the Piedmontese army to Milan so that he had to abandon the territories conquered during the initial phase of the war. Ultimately led to the defeat of the Kingdom of Sardinia in the first of the two military campaigns of the conflict.